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In China, a truck drove into a market: six dead

The driver lost control of the truck, as a result, five people died on the spot, the sixth died on the way to the hospital.

In the Chinese province of Gansu, a truck entered an agricultural market. As a result of the incident, six people were killed and another 14 were injured. This was announced on Monday, October 5, by the Xinhua News Agency.

The accident occurred near the village of Chabuzhen in the Dingxi city district. The driver, for an as yet unknown reason, lost control of the truck. Local authorities establish the circumstances of the incident.

Five people died on the spot, a sixth died during hospitalization. Of the 14 victims, the condition of five is assessed as serious.

An overturned truck crushed eight people in China last month. People gathered on the road to pick up spilled garlic on the road when a gravel truck overturned in the same place.

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