The doctor criticized Trump for "escaping" from the hospital

Donald Trump briefly left the hospital, where he is being treated for coronavirus, to greet his supporters.

Doctor James Phillips from the hospital where U.S. President Donald Trump is being treated, criticized his trip to supporters, calling his act crazy. He wrote about it on Sunday, October 4, in his Twitter.

According to the doctor, everyone who was in the car during that “completely unnecessary” trip should be quarantined for 14 days.

“They may fall ill. And they may well die. For the sake of political theatrical production. Trump ordered them to risk their lives for this. This is madness,” Phillips wrote on Twitter.

The doctor criticized Trump for "escaping" from the hospital

In turn, a representative of the White House, Judd Deer, said that the doctors allowed Trump to go and greet his supporters.

According to him, the doctors said it was safe.

“In these movements, necessary precautions were taken to protect the president and others. Including personal protective equipment. The medical team allowed the movements, saying they were safe,” Dear said.

Earlier, a U.S. president who was recently hospitalized after being infected with coronavirus left the hospital to greet his supporters. Trump drove his car past a crowd of Americans who had gathered to express their support. After that, the president returned to his room in the hospital.

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