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Trump hid the first positive test for COVID-19

The American president already knew that he was sick with coronavirus, but continued to communicate with people and give interviews.

US President Donald Trump hid his infection with coronavirus, although he knew the test results, even before Fox News appeared on the air, where he spoke about the diagnosis of his assistant Hope Hicks. On Sunday, October 4, The Wall Street Journal reported this, citing sources.

In an interview with journalist Sean Hannity, he then said that he passed the test, but stressed that he did not know the results.

According to the WSJ, Trump by this time was already aware of the readings of the first rapid test but expected the results of the second test to appear.

According to the rules for White House employees, a second, more accurate test for coronavirus is done when an infection is detected with a rapid test.

In addition, according to the source, Trump privately asked one of his aides, who knew about the results of the first test, not to disclose them.

“Don't tell anyone,” he said.

The fact that he and his wife Melania were sick with coronavirus, Trump announced on Twitter on Friday, October 2.

Trump briefly left the hospital Sunday to greet supporters. Later, the doctor criticized him for this, saying that he risked people's lives for the sake of “political theatrical production.”

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