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Why do hurricanes and typhoons often occur in the Pacific Ocean?

We often hear about tropical storms with beautiful names that hit countries in the Asia-Pacific region, causing severe destruction. At the same time, other regions of the world are relatively calm, and strong hurricanes on the coast, such as the Atlantic Ocean, are quite rare.

The main reason that the Pacific Ocean is full of storms and hurricanes, is the water temperature, the average annual value of which is 19.4 C, and in some regions, even reaches 29 C!

Huge areas of heated water contribute to the formation of a large amount of warm water vapor, which rises into the atmosphere and condenses into clouds, then falling to the ground in the form of heavy precipitation, causing hurricane winds and huge waves in the water. To maintain their destructive power such hurricanes need a constant supply of warm, humid air, so on land, the cyclone quickly loses its strength.

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