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Scientists have revealed children's syndrome at coronavirus in adults

Specialists described in detail 16 cases recorded in the USA and Britain in patients aged 21-50 years.

Scientists in the U.S. found an acute inflammatory syndrome in adults, which was previously found in children and associated with coronavirus COVID-19. This was reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Saturday, October 3.

It is noted that adults with COVID-19 may exhibit MIS-A inflammatory syndrome, which is a severe complication of coronavirus in children and adolescents.

Those who were ill and did not have acute respiratory diseases had heart and gastrointestinal problems. We are talking about arrhythmias and abdominal pains.

Specialists described in detail 16 cases recorded in the United States and Britain in patients aged 21-50 years. All found arrhythmias, 12 people had a fever, and only eight of them had respiratory symptoms. As a result, ten patients were admitted to the ICU and two died.

Scientists have not yet been able to figure out how much time passes between infection with coronavirus and the emergence of MIS-A. It is therefore not yet possible to determine whether the symptoms are severe COVID-19 or a “post-infection process”. It is noted that patients who reported typical symptoms of COVID-19 before MIS-A had been diagnosed had an average of two to five weeks.

Previously, the scientists found that antibodies to COVID-19 in patients begin to fall about three months after infection and disappear within three to four months.

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