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Trump impeachment report published

A report from the Democratic Party, which is largely based on 17 witness interrogations, said Trump was abusing power.

The House of Representatives Intelligence Committee released a report on the impeachment of the US president accusing Donald Trump of abuse of power. It is reported by CNN.

The Democratic Party’s report is largely based on 17 witness interrogations over the past few months, including 12 at a two-week public hearing, detailing the lengthy efforts made by President’s personal lawyer Rudolf Giuliani to overthrow the ambassador US to Ukraine Marie Jovanovic, and then push the Ukrainian authorities to announce an investigation into the president’s political rivals.

It is expected that the findings of the report on Ukraine and the obstruction of Congress will be included in the article on impeachment.

The document was approved on Tuesday evening, December 3, and marked the beginning of the next stage of impeachment — the debate of Democrats and Conservatives in the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives.

During the debate, it will be decided whether to send the draft articles on the impeachment of Donald Trump to the House of Representatives for voting. If a majority votes in favor of articles of impeachment, Trump will lose his presidency. After the case will be referred to the Senate for trial.

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