Forbes has published a list of the world's highest-paid actresses

The Colombian-American actress Sofia Vergara topped the list of the highest-paid actresses in the world with an annual income of 43 million dollars. This was announced by Forbes Magazine on Friday.

According to the magazine, the actress receives 500 thousand dollars for an episode of the sitcom “American Family”, and at least 10 million more dollars is brought to her every season of the show “There are talents in America”, where she acts as a judge.

The second and third places are occupied by actresses Angelina Jolie (35.5 million dollars) and Gal Gadot (31 million dollars). Fixed assets brought the actresses fees for roles in the movies “Eternal” and “Red Notice”, which will be released in 2021, respectively.

The ten also included Melissa McCarthy ($25 million), Meryl Streep ($24 million), Emily Blunt ($22.5 million), Nicole Kidman ($22 million), Ellen Pompeo ($19 million), Elizabeth Moss ($16 million) and Viola Davis ($15.5 million).

Earlier the magazine compiled a list of the highest-paid actors, its leaders were Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ($87.5 million), Ryan Reynolds ($71.5 million), and Mark Wahlberg ($58 million). Forbes noted that the total income of the “female” tens is almost half that of their male counterparts.

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