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Brussels has threatened London with a trial

The EU authorities said they are considering taking legal action against Great Britain, which has not responded to the ultimatum of Brussels demanding to revoke the already adopted law on the domestic market, which violates a number of central provisions of the EU exit treaty. The European press is speculating on whether the EU has put its threat of oil into the fire of European-British disagreements — or whether the trial is not the most important one?

A pure formality

The trial was imminent, now it's just a matter of compromises on the main issues,” commented the London correspondent of the Corriere Della Sera Luigi Ippolito:

“Brussels once instructed London to revoke the law by September 30. This was not done, so the lawsuit was initiated. In fact, it was bound to be implemented. Now, it is a question of understanding the consequences of the current negotiations. The main points in dispute are the right to fish and government subsidies, through which the British authorities want to take British companies out of the control of European antitrust agencies — and make national companies powerful players in the field of high technology. .... Brussels, in turn, wants to keep London in orbit of the European regulations and rules, so as to prevent unfair competition. The British, on the other hand, consider themselves a country absolutely independent of the European Union.

Brussels will not intimidate us

The European Union has only planted trumps on the British government,” The Daily Telegraph notes with satisfaction:

“Nothing irritates the British like the precepts of the Eurocroats, which no one has ever chosen. The prospect that the confrontation in November could lead to a freeze in relations and a real stalemate will only help the British authorities to fight for the hearts and minds of the British public. This precedent is a perfect illustration of why the brace was such an important step because it is a question of national sovereignty. The EU is trying to maintain control over one of the parts of the United Kingdom — despite the democratic decision of our country to leave the community definitively.

The choice is Johnson's

As Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung notes, there is no hope to lose:

“Yes, a shadow hovering over the current negotiations, ... is long, and there is nowhere longer to be. ... However, this story of the end and the edge are not visible. There are moments in which each side could show flexibility. But the main step remains with Johnson's government — it should make clear what is more important to it: a final break with the EU — which will inevitably put more pressure on the British economy — or a sensible economic and political partnership based on trust and, importantly, compliance with treaties. With the United Kingdom has already left the EU, such a partnership would be the best option.

It takes two to negotiate

According to La Vanguardia, it is not yet clear whether the EU's dual strategy of betting on pressure and negotiation will bring success:

“What has happened makes it doubtful that Johnson will respect the trade agreement with Brussels if it is reached. The problem here is more of a political than legal nature. London has only a month left to negotiate, and Brussels is betting that the pressure on Johnson will increase over these weeks — the European Union assumes that Britain simply can't afford to exit the EU without a treaty. That's why Brussels, with all the legal instruments at its disposal, is betting on pragmatism and continued negotiations. But negotiations cease to be such if one of the parties refuses to participate in them — and whether Johnson wants these negotiations, time will show”.

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