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Biden boasted a negative test for COVID-19

After the report of the coronavirus infection of U.S. President Donald Trump, another candidate for the head of the U.S. administration — Democrat Joe Biden — also had to pass the COVID-19 test.

He boasted about his results on his Twitter page.

“I am happy to say that Jill and I have a negative result on COVID. Thank you all for your messages of concern. I hope this will serve as a reminder: wear a mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands,” recalled a 77-year-old politician.

Biden boasted a negative test for COVID-19

Biden wished Trump a speedy recovery and promised to pray for the health and safety of the President and his family.

We also recall that in the pre-election debates on September 30, Trump clashed with Biden, the candidates constantly interrupted and insulted each other, accusing of weak mental abilities and incompetence.

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