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The US threatens to introduce huge duties on French goods

Photo: Global Look Press / Richard B. Levine via www.imago-images.de

The United States may introduce duties at a rate of up to 100% on French goods of up to $2.4 billion in response to discriminatory policies against digital American companies. This is stated in the report of the US trade representative.

According to him, the first part of the investigation on the French digital tax is completed. The representative concluded that he was discriminatory against American companies, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple, StarTribune writes.

The statement said the US trade representative is focused on countering the growing protectionism of EU countries that are unjustly treating American companies — whether through digital taxes or other efforts against leading US digital companies.

On August 24, before flying to the G7 Summit in Biarritz, US President Donald Trump again threatened that taxes could be imposed on imports of French wine. It is noted that Trump reacted to the digital tax introduced by Paris, which affects, in particular, American companies.

On June 11, Trump was already hinting that he was ready to increase duties on the import of French wine into the United States since he considers American wines to be a victim of unfair competition. Then it was reported that American duties range from 5.3 to 14.9 cents per bottle, depending on the type of wine and the alcohol content in it, in Europe, they range from 11 to 29 cents per bottle.

Trade relations between the States and the European Union worsened after Washington announced the introduction of import duties of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum at the end of March 2018. For the EU, as well as Canada and Mexico, they began to operate on June 1.

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