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It became known about the condition of the diseased COVID Trump

The U.S. President Donald Trump, who the day before announced his infection with coronavirus, currently has weak signs of COVID-19 and plans to address the nation. This was announced by CNN on Friday, October 2, citing a senior source in the U.S. administration.

“A White House official described Trump's condition as having weak symptoms' of coronavirus and said the aides are looking for ways to ensure Trump's appeal to the nation on Friday, although no final decision had been made by morning,” the channel said.

A representative of the administration said on Friday that “Trump has no major symptoms, and he plans to work from the residence of the White House.

Scott Atlas, the White House head's personal physician, said in an interview with Fox News that he expects “full and rapid recovery” of the president's health after the necessary period of treatment. The doctor called the president a “very energetic man,” especially at his age.

Meanwhile, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, who heads the Upper House Legal Committee, said he spoke with Trump on Friday morning.

“The President was in a good mood,” said the Senator. He added that Trump had asked about preparations for the hearing on the appointment of the new U.S. Supreme Court judge.

Recall that the day before Trump said that he and his wife got coronavirus disease.

Later, Trump's main rival in the presidential election Joseph Biden wished Trump and his wife Melanie a speedy recovery.

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