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Apple Watch 6 was caught lying

Heather Heaton, an associate professor of emergency medicine at the Mayo Clinic's Medical College, conducted a study that exposed the Apple Watch's “smart” watch to false-positive heart problems. Yes, the device encourages healthy people to go to hospitals.

Recall that the “smart” watch Apple Watch has a function that monitors the heart. The author of the study found that only 10% of patients who sought medical help at the Mayo Clinic due to a heart problem with the clock had heart disease. The specialist is concerned that such gadgets may adversely affect the health care system. Yes, the situation not only affects the costs of patients but the system as well. In addition, it wastes the time of doctors who could help a patient with an illness.

The specialist also noted who should not use the heart monitoring function. According to her, this feature is not intended for people with a confirmed diagnosis of atrial fibrillation. It should also not be used by young people under 22 years. The author believes that the growth of similar gadgets can provoke confusion and anxiety among users.

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