Dangerous mutation of coronavirus discovered

Dangerous mutation of coronavirus discovered

Scientists have discovered a dangerous mutation in the coronavirus that makes it easier for it to enter the human body. This is reported by Fox News, citing research by a research group from the Francis Crick Institute.

British experts have found that the spines of the virus can transform into ten different forms, which allows it to protect itself from recognition by antibodies. Scientists said that in laboratory conditions, the spikes of the coronavirus could change in just a minute, although in reality, they do it much more slowly. They also explained that neither influenza nor HIV has such a complex mechanism of entry.

The researchers hope their work will help better understand why this virus is so contagious and how to counter it.

Earlier, an international team of scientists from the United States and China discovered that the natural enzyme catalase can be an effective remedy against the symptoms of COVID-19 by suppressing the replication of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Researchers have demonstrated that the enzyme has anti-inflammatory effects and is able to regulate the production of cytokines, signaling protein molecules synthesized by leukocytes.

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