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Denmark obliges to ensure the operation of “Nord Stream 2”

Denmark has issued a permit to operate the unfinished Baltic gas pipeline. Among the conditions, the regulator indicated that Nord Stream 2 can be launched after the pipeline is certified and insured for its operation. These requirements are fairly standard, and now they are even more relevant since the United States wants to impose sanctions against companies that provide such services to the project.

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) has issued a permit for the operation of the still unfinished section of Nord Stream 2 in Danish waters. The regulator said in a statement that the DEA has identified conditions that the project operator has not yet met. “Commissioning can take place if at least one string of the pipeline is tested, certified and all conditions of construction and operating permits are met,” the Danish Energy Agency said in a statement.

The press service of Nord Stream 2 AG said that in other countries, such as Sweden and Finland, building permits already include operating permits. In Denmark, the project operator received two separate documents.

“The permit defines a number of conditions that must be met before the gas pipeline is launched and during the entire period of its operation,” Nord Stream 2 AG said.
In the permit itself, the requirements include the operator's obligation to provide a commissioning schedule, the use of the Integrated Pipeline Management System, and mandatory pipeline operation insurance.

“Nord Stream 2 AG will take out insurance to cover any damage caused by activities carried out in accordance with the permit, even if the damage is accidental,” the document says.
Certification and insurance are fairly standard procedures, but now they are more relevant than ever. The US Senate is currently considering two bills to expand sanctions against Nord Stream 2, and in one version they also apply to companies that provide certification services and any types of insurance or reinsurance. If the ships can already be insured or provided by a Russian company, then international insurance will be required to operate the pipeline.

It is planned that one of the bills will be included in the US defense budget, like the first sanctions, and will be adopted in November-December. By this time, only one branch of the gas pipeline can be completed via Nord Stream 2. The speed of the Akademik Chersky pipelayer can reach two kilometers per day. The total distance of the unfinished section along two lines is about 160 kilometers in Danish and German waters.

Until recently, the Akademik Chersky pipelayer underwent modernization and retrofitting in the German port of Mukran, which serves as the project's logistics center. And the DEA told EADaily today that it has not yet received an updated work plan for the pipeline. “We continue to consider various options for resuming the laying of the gas pipeline in Denmark and will inform about our plans in a timely manner,” Nord Stream 2 AG said in its reply

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