Jupiter suspected of disappearing life on Venus

The information appeared on the network that astronomers from the USA, Australia, and Belgium suspected Jupiter of the disappearance of life on Venus. The basis of the fresh theory was the fact that during its formation, Jupiter was at different distances from the Sun, and at some point, these fluctuations affected the second most distant planet in our star system.

Also, the attention of experts was attracted by the fact that Venus has an almost perfectly circular orbit. According to scientists, earlier the orbit of this planet had an obvious elliptical shape, and the planet itself was likely inhabited. To prove this hypothesis, experts have even built a special mathematical model.

In addition, they also reported on the probable development of the following scenario: during the next “orbit” of oscillations, Jupiter affected the orbit of Venus, because of which the planet first heated up sharply and then cooled down very quickly. This led to the evaporation of water on the planet's surface and most likely life. By the way, it is the product of “the last surviving species on a planet that has gone through dramatic changes” that scientists call phosphine, recently discovered on Venus.

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