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iPhone 12 will lose headphones

In the code of the new version of iOS, we found information about the iPhone 12 kit. This is reported by MacRumors.

Experts studied the new beta version of iOS 14.2 and drew attention to the section in the settings dedicated to protection against radiofrequency radiation. Earlier in the RF Exposure section, it was stated that you must use the speakerphone or the supplied headphones to reduce RF exposure. In the current version of iOS, the recommendation remained, but the mention that the headphones are included in the iPhone package was removed from it.

According to journalists, this amendment is confirmation that Apple will deprive the new iPhones of the bundled wired EarPods. Currently, all Apple smartphones sold on the market are equipped with a free EarPods headset, a Lightning cable, and a five-watt adapter. The note says that the devices in the iPhone 11 line are likely to be the last to ship with a complete package.

The announcement that Apple will simplify the set of new iPhones first surfaced in June. Authoritative insider Ming-Chi Kuo said that wired headphones and a charger will be removed from the box of new smartphones. According to the specialist, by doing so, the company intends to partially cover the costs of introducing 5G and to encourage users to buy a wireless AirPods headset.

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