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The EU has adopted a new sanctions procedure

Most EU member states have approved a sanctions mechanism against the block states for violations of the rule of law, Deutsche Welle reported on Wednesday, September 30.

It is noted that the initiative was put forward by Germany.

The principle of the mechanism is that the EU will be able to limit the allocation of funds to the offending countries if these violations are harmful to the management of the EU budget or financial interests.

The sanctions instrument will now be considered by the European Parliament, and MEPs may make it even tougher, as previously some of them criticized the proposed mechanism as ineffective.

Poland and Hungary are opposed to a sanctions mechanism. Warsaw and Budapest have threatened to block the adoption of the EU budget and the anti-crisis fund if the mechanism is approved. The procedure against both countries in Brussels has been going on for several years now, which may eventually lead to deprivation of voting rights in the EU.

The European Commission's report today states that the state of the rule of law in Hungary and Poland is of great concern.

Recall that in June 2018, the EU launched sanctions against Poland because of its controversial reform of legal proceedings. And in early autumn of the same year, the European Union launched staff sanctions against Hungary for violating the principles of the rule of law, in particular, the harassment of non-governmental organizations.

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