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The EU received the right to start a trade war with the United States

The World Trade Association (WTO) has recognized the fact that the US has provided preferences to the aircraft manufacturer Boeing and allowed the EU to impose trade duties on the US $4 billion worth of goods. Reuters reported this with reference to sources.

Thus, the European authorities received the right to respond to a similar decision regarding Airbus and start a trade war with the United States. Last year, the WTO enabled Washington to impose duties on $7.5 billion European goods.

The dispute over preferences over Boeing and Airbus, the largest civil aircraft manufacturers in the world, has lasted 16 years. It became the largest corporate confrontation in history.

The companies did not comment on the information. Officially, the WTO verdict should be announced within a few weeks. However, as noted in the material, Brussels is unlikely to be active before the US elections, which will be held on November 3.

Meanwhile, sources from both sides claim victory. For the United States, it is almost a twofold difference between the volume of goods on which duties can be imposed.

In Europe, they recall that they have not yet exercised their right to duties in the amount of $4.2 billion, which remained after another trial. But to this in Washington, they reply that that decision was no longer valid since the law with which it was associated was canceled in 2006. However, experts expect that first Europe and the United States will try to hold negotiations, which were difficult due to the proceedings.

Earlier it became known that the United States decided to cancel some of the duties imposed on European goods. The reason was the problems of American businessmen related to imports.

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