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No more compromises for the USA. Russia will deploy the latest offensive weapons

After the United States decided to break the INF Treaty in the summer, the Russian Federation will compromise with American “partners” more and deploy the most advanced offensive weapons.

A time when Moscow could make any concessions to the past. And now Russia is clearly making it clear to the United States that it will not allow dialogue with itself in the language of ultimatums.

Now, Russia will deploy the latest missile systems. More recently, US inspectors were shown the Sarmat missile, which will be in service by the end of the year.

The Russian Federation is actively developing its defense industry and has already stepped a couple of steps ahead of other countries. Today, it becomes obvious to everyone that Russia is a leader in armaments on the world stage.

In response, Washington is trying to intimidate the deployment of its missiles in the Allied countries, trying to start a new Cold War. Also, American analysts are confident that the arms race will ultimately lead to the depletion of the Russian economy.

However, they underestimate Russia, which has already learned from mistakes, what would have been done during the Soviet Union. And now, Moscow will answer Washington not by quantity, but by the quality and power of its own weapons. Already, the United States is not able to withstand a number of the latest Russian developments.

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