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Bruce Willis's wife asked Demi Moore to stay away from him

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis divorced a long time ago but maintained friendly relations because they have three daughters in common. After the breakup, the artists tried to establish their personal life. Thus, Moore married Ashton Kutcher, and then scandalously divorced him, and Bruce everything went well.

He married Emma Willis, with whom he is in the tank to this day. The couple has two daughters. The actor also has a relationship with the heirs of the marriage with Demi, moreover, fans were extremely surprised by the fact that the quarantine Bruce Willis decided to spend with his ex-wife and children.

According to rumors, Emma was not delighted with her husband's decision but was sympathetic. Recently, Demi Moore shared in her blog an archive photo, where she walks along the red carpet to Bruce. According to the insiders, the current wife of Willis did not like it, and she directly asked the actress to “slow down” and let the actor spend time with his family and younger children, without switching all his attention to himself.

Nevertheless, surrounded by the family reported that Emma has the wisdom not to be jealous of her ex-wife.

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