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Vatican: Cardinal dismissed for embezzlement

Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu and removed him from all his posts — in the Vatican practice, this is a rarity. Becciu, who was responsible for Vatican personnel and finances for many years, reportedly diverted hundreds of millions of euros from the donation fund into his own pocket — and invested them in real estate in London. Viewers are discussing the scale of the scandal and its consequences.

A real earthquake in the Vatican!

This is not an ordinary personnel scandal, — this is the opinion of Ezio Mauro, a columnist of La Repubblica newspaper:

“We are talking about a sensitive issue, namely the Vatican financing crisis... The reduction of the fund of voluntary contributions, collected through the so-called St. Peter's contribution, from 101 million in 2006 to 70 million in 2015, is very worrying Pope Francis. Against this background, the fact that the fund was used for personal purposes, in the eyes of the Pope, is not just scandalous, but betrayal, which undermines the trust of the flock and — as a result — can lead to a reduction in the funds donated by believers to missionary activities and help the poor. And this is a nightmare for Francis. Holy blasphemy.

Even the Pope will not forgive such a thing

The Pope acted so decisively not so much because of financial but because of moral damage,” Vatican expert Gianluigi Nuzzi writes on the pages of La Stampa:

“What can destroy any relationship is lies and secrecy. The fact that a cardinal deceived the Pope, even for a pontiff, this vessel of forgiveness and mercy, goes too far. When a cardinal distorts the truth in the main moments, hides it to the advantage of what Josef Ratzinger called the 'desire for power', no brotherly embrace is possible. This is exactly how you should understand what happened. Cardinal Becciu has lost the Pope's trust.

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