Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix became parents for the first time

35-year-old Rooney Mara and 45-year-old Joaquin Phoenix became parents for the first time — they had a son. The birth of the couple's firstborn was talked about a few days ago when the paparazzi managed to film the actress in Los Angeles already without a stomach.

Russian film director Viktor Kosakovsky confirmed the news about the birth of the baby, who told about it at the Zurich Film Festival last weekend. Together with Phoenix, he worked on the film "Gunda": Kosakovsky became his director, and Joaquin became his executive producer. Answering the question of why Phoenix was unable to attend the film festival, the director named the real reason for his absence.

He had just had a baby. And, by the way, he was called Rivera. That is why Joaquin could not be present here today,

— told Kosakovsky.

The couple named her son after her brother Joaquin Phoenix Rivera, who died of a drug overdose at the age of 23 in 1993. River Phoenix died in front of his brother and their sister Raine. The tragedy came after a party at The Viper Room, where they spent time together. The death of his brother had a big impact on Joaquin — he himself said that he would never be able to fully understand it.

The actress became known about her pregnancy in May — then foreign reporters wrote that Mara is already in the sixth month. For so long, the actress managed to hide her interesting position quite simply: an already not too often appearing in public star during the coronavirus pandemic went out into the street very rarely and skillfully avoided the scrutiny of others. And with the secrecy inherent in him and Joaquin to share the joyous news of the imminent birth of the firstborn, they did not hurry.

The couple had been dating for four years already — Rooney and Joaquin met on the set of the film “She”, in which they starred. The lovers did not advertise their relationship for a long time, and even now they prefer to pose on the red carpet separately.

Last year, the couple were suspected of being engaged — the actress was filmed with a ring with a diamond on the ringless finger of her left hand. Those in love themselves did not comment on the news of a possible early wedding, but sources from their entourage said that they are really preparing to tie themselves to marriage. It is possible that the wedding of Joaquin and Rooney would have been played before the birth of the firstborn, but the coronavirus pandemic did not allow them, like many other famous couples.

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