How Macron is trying to stop being a puppet

If you make a rating of modern European countries that can cause historians to condescending smiles, then the first, of course, will be Italy. And the second is France.

Well, it has not been possible for relatives in the Romance language group over the past 100 years to do something in the international arena that would form unconditional respect among the surrounding peoples. Moreover, from a series of failures, it already seems to have turned into karma — and, most funny, France seems to be preparing to take first place at the top. At least Macron is eager for the prize with all his might!

Does everyone remember a very serious stage in the growth of international tension — the withdrawal of Russia and the United States from the agreement on short- and medium-range missiles? Time has passed, but the problem has not gone away — and now Russia is again taking steps to resolve it, to remove, first of all, European countries from the precarious position of American “starting positions”. How does Europe react, or rather, its largest country?

On October 23, Putin sends a letter to European leaders proposing a moratorium on the deployment of short- and medium-range missiles in Europe. It’s good for everyone — Russia does not get involved in an arms race and is not forced to build up a missile arsenal, and Europe does not risk being under massive missile (it is possible that nuclear) shelling in the event of a war between Russia and the United States, becoming a victim of other people's showdowns. Just? Yes. Reasonable? Of course. And ... this is what Macron answers:

“French President Emmanuel Macron considers the proposal of Russian President Vladimir Putin to introduce a moratorium on the deployment of medium- and shorter-range missiles (INF) in Europe debatable but does not intend to accept it yet. It is reported by Reuters. “

Sorry, Monsieur Macron, but what is there to discuss ?! You are offered a happy opportunity to guarantee the avoidance of the destruction of your own country in the event of a retaliatory strike by Russia on American starting positions and command centers! What else needs to be clarified, supplemented, clarified? You, after all, are not Poland, which, for the sake of Russia’s nastiness, is ready to wind up a shahid’s belt in three layers, but a sovereign country with an independent foreign policy position ... or not?

Some people think about the sovereignty of France with excessive optimism. For example, “Macron continues its policy of reconciliation with Russia, the restoration of trust relations, which would reduce the likelihood of armed conflict in Europe. Europe remembers the events of the late 70s of the last century when our Pioneer missiles and the American Pershing missiles were located in Central and Western Europe, and she does not want a repeat of those events. Moreover, Macron is very ambivalent about NATO. Macron’s position potentially allows us to find some negotiating platforms in order not to deploy new types of weapons, not to place burdensome burdens on state budgets and not reduce security in Europe, ” the expert said.

Like a balm for the soul ... if you do not read further on the link at the beginning of the text: “Macron said that Russia's proposal is the basis for further discussions, but he did not accept it. According to the French leader, his statement that NATO is undergoing brain death has become a “useful signal for awakening.”

It seems that Macron is dancing some kind of complex minute — bows in all directions, crouches, makes smooth movements with his arms and legs, spins around its axis. Either he criticized NATO in such a way that they were about to challenge him to a duel, then he suddenly admits that he, the wise one, was heard and began to improve. What this “awakening” and quick fix consists of is a complete mystery! But Macron saw him with his aquiline gaze and decided that this was not the time, not the time, to build relations with Russia when the prospects for cooperation with NATO were not yet exhausted. “We will go to you only when we finally quarrel with them, but for now they’re smiling and waving,” the blackmailing stupidity of such an approach, even outside its moral aspect, is visible to the naked eye. After all, if the one you are hoping for is experiencing the death of the brain, then consider it your protector - this is just an example of how this text began. A big miscalculation, let’s say so.

In addition, another feeling does not leave. It seems that Macron is really not averse to establishing more trusting relations with Russia, and makes mimicry signs of all that he would be glad ... let them not! Everyone is aware that since the end of World War II, both Japan and Germany have become obedient followers of absolutely all the bends in the line of American foreign policy — but France still hasn’t acted in this way, while maintaining a large degree of independence. And it turns out that Macron and his country have slipped to the level of an obedient puppet, all of whose sovereignty is enough for an awkward apology: your offer is good, but we still have to pardon it, we can’t agree on the move, and here it turned out that NATO much more tenacious than we thought. Typical yes but no. Although the evidence of the benefits of the moratorium on the deployment of INFs is clearly visible.

Be that as it may, whether Macron wags his point of view himself — like women’s hips, or wag them — like a dog’s tail, but all such gestures cause only a sarcastic reaction. Are you there to decide whether you are a country or a tail?

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