In Texas, it was forbidden to drink tap water because of a dangerous microbe

The authorities of the U.S. state recommended that its residents use the water supply only for the toilet.

The residents of Texas were warned about the danger of tap water, as Naegleria fowleri, a microbe that affects the brain, was found in it. This was reported by the Associated Press agency on Saturday, September 26.

The order originally operated in eight districts of the state, except one, now it has been preserved for Lake Jackson County, where the reservoir is located.

The main source of water supply in the state is the Brazos River, one of the largest in the country, in whose waters were found a dangerous microbe.

The water testing and analysis period are ongoing. Residents are advised to use tap water only for toilets.

Naegleria fowleri is a single-celled organism that affects the brain and causes meningoencephalitis. It occurs in freshwater and soil. It penetrates into the human body through the nose. In most cases, it is fatal. For the first time, the agency specifies, several people died in 2011 and 2013 in the states of Arizona and Louisiana from the consequences caused by contamination of tap water.

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