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Thousands of quarantine opponents staged a rally in central London

Thousands of people who oppose re-quarantine in the UK and deny the danger of the new coronavirus staged a protest in central London on Saturday. According to the BBC broadcasting corporation, police were forced to stop the action due to violations of social distancing rules by its participants, which led to clashes, as a result of which several people were injured.

According to the latest reports from Scotland Yard, four law enforcement officers were injured, 10 violators were detained. Medical assistance was also required by several activists, against whom batons were used. Last week, several dozen police officers were injured in the British capital during a much smaller-scale action by the opponents of quarantine, 32 people were detained.

British media estimate the number of protesters who gathered in Trafalgar Square and then moved towards Hyde Park, at 10-15 thousand people. “We do not agree” is the main slogan of the protesters, referring to the new government restrictions imposed in connection with the increase in the number of cases of coronavirus infection, as well as the risk of re-quarantine. Many of the activists argue that the pandemic is a conspiracy of authorities demanding blind submission from the people. The demonstrators were addressed by the brother of the former head of the British parliamentary opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, Pierce Corbyn, known as a supporter of numerous conspiracy theories.

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