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Trump does not exclude months of summing up the results of the US election

The US President linked the possible long-term summing up of the election results of the new head of state with the Democrats' proposed vote by mail. Trump has repeatedly linked it to the risk of fraud, without providing evidence. Deutsche Welle reports.

“US President Donald Trump does not rule out that the final results of the voting in the election of the new head of state on November 3 may be presented only in a few months. It is very unlikely that the winner of the vote will be determined as soon as the election ends,” the head of the White House said at a pre-election event in the city. Newport News in Virginia. The American leader explained this by counting the votes of those who participated in the elections by mail, “- said in a statement.

It is noted that Trump has previously repeatedly stated that with a large-scale mail-order vote proposed by the Democrats, the results may be falsified, and the vote itself will become vulnerable to interference from abroad. At the same time, the head of the White House did not provide any evidence to support this version.

In addition, the president, despite criticism from his associates, again made it clear that he could not guarantee the transfer of power to his rival, the Democratic candidate Joseph Biden if he lost.

“We want a very peaceful transfer of power, but we do not intend to become victims of deception,” the American president said.

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