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In Britain, supermarkets have imposed restrictions due to coronavirus

Tesco and Morrisons introduced a new rule for buyers to avoid the hype

Against the background of the threat associated with the spread of coronavirus lockdown British trading networks have decided to prevent the shortage of goods and introduced a restriction on their purchase.

This was reported by The Guardian on September 25.

One of the largest UK supermarket chains Tesco has introduced a new rule “no more than three packs in one hand,” which applies to four categories of goods: flour, pasta, toilet paper, and disinfectant wipes.

Earlier, the same decision was made by the management of the Morrisons retail chain. According to the BBC, here also limited the number of available goods for one visitor to three units. The limit applies to various products, including toilet paper and disinfectants.

Such steps were taken by the business after the strengthening of coronavirus measures, which was announced this week by the British government. The British are afraid of a new lockdown — last time it caused a real stir on long-term storage products.

It is worth noting that on this day in the UK registered the maximum number of new cases of COVID-19 since the beginning of the spread of infection — over the past day the diagnosis was confirmed in 6.6 thousand people.

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