Is Europe ready for the autumn wave of coronavirus?

What not a day in record numbers. Yes, hospitals are not overloaded yet, but this is only because nowadays, mostly young people are infected with the virus. But that may change soon too,” says a recent forecast by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). And, observers say, there's no sign that Europe is better prepared this time than it was in the spring.

Even flu vaccines are not enough...

In Turkey, the authorities recommend that elderly people, as well as those suffering from chronic diseases, should be given flu vaccines — but, as the Sozcu newspaper notes, it's easier said than done:

“In our beautiful country, there are no vaccines against influenza and pneumonia! And what does the Minister of Health say in this situation? What does our esteemed minister do? Influenza and pneumonia vaccines are not directly related to the coronavirus! In order for the body not to have to fight two or three enemies at the same time, flu and pneumonia vaccinations are essential. ... The Coronavirus pandemic has been going on for over six months. So why has the respected minister not provided the country with a stock of flu and pneumonia vaccines during this time? Did he not understand their importance? Or is it so difficult to get them? Already today, people in queues are behind vaccines.

Once again, we are not ready for online training.

Slovakia is completely unprepared for another lockdown,” says Martin Venancio, a Trend Magazin columnist, on the pages of Uj Szo:

“The Analytical Institute of the Ministry of Education published shocking figures: during the spring lockdown in schools, 52 thousand primary and secondary school pupils did not participate at all in distance learning, and another 218 thousand pupils did not have the opportunity to use the Internet — at a time when forced homeschooling was introduced... The ministry should have started preparing for the second phase of distance learning in advance. . But by the beginning of the second wave, we found ourselves in the same situation as during the first wave in March: the opportunity to receive proper education is available to students only when schools are operating in a normal mode.

You cannot take everything on the shoulders of citizens!

There are protests in Greece: schoolchildren are demanding to reduce the number of classes, doctors are demanding to increase the number of intensive care places. The authorities, as portal notes, prefer to consider citizens as their enemies:

“Constant statements about irresponsible behavior of citizens (against the background of the fact that no one takes responsibility for the reduction and congestion of public transport, overcrowding of school classrooms with more than 25 students, or for the unfulfilled promises to create additional places in the intensive care unit), coupled with the involvement of police and repressive practices, are a direct confirmation of this logic. Society is not responsible for the failures, inconsistencies, and omissions in policies to overcome the pandemic — but it is citizens who are forced to bear the financial and moral burden of restrictive measures. .... It would be better if the authorities had a plan — and they could offer us a real perspective, not just threats and fines.

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