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In the United States, police shoot a homeless African American

The man tried to take possession of the weapon of one of the law enforcement officers, as a result of which he was killed on the spot, said the county sheriff.

In the American city of San Clemente, California, a black man was killed in a fight with two police officers. This was announced on Friday, September 25 by CNN.

As noted by Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes, 42-year-old Kurt Reinhold tried to get hold of one of the cops' weapons, as a result of which the latter shot twice at the attacker. Reinhold died on the spot.

“He grabbed one policeman's gun and tried to pull it out of the holster,” Barnes said.

According to him, the prosecutor's office has begun to investigate the incident and a video of the incident has been transferred to it. However, given the current situation in the country, it will not be published yet.

At the same time, a video of this murder probably appeared on one of the Twitter channels.

Police in Lafayette, Louisiana also reportedly shot and killed a black man in late August. According to the police, he tried to escape during the arrest.

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