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Processors for future Apple laptops are already in production

By the end of this year, Apple is expected to release new iPad Pro tablets and the first MacBook laptops with its own processors. In both cases, judging by all the data, the new products will be based on the SoC Apple A14X Bionic — the most powerful single-chip system of the Cupertino and probably the most powerful in the consumer market as a whole.

If you believe the latest data, its mass production has already started, which means that the announcements of new products are really just around the corner. Moreover, the source claims that production started half a month earlier than planned.

Unfortunately, there are no other details. The source in this case is the insider Komiya, who recently distinguished himself by a reliable leak of information regarding the new generation iPad.

As for the capabilities of the A14X Bionic, if the performance gain is about the same as in the previous generations of SoC AX, then we will have a solution at the level of the top-end Intel processors of the current generation.

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