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Android 11 cripples multitasking

The launch of the new Android 11 operating system could not do without scandals. Users started complaining about one annoying issue.

Some smartphone users, for whom the Android 11 update has already become available, are experiencing an unpleasant glitch due to which it becomes impossible to use multitasking.

The recent apps list does not work or does not display apps correctly. Switching to it can take from three seconds to longer periods. The screen can even start blinking black with a strange zoom effect, preventing you from switching between apps. Also, some users complain that the list is “clean”, although they know for sure that the applications are open.

This kind of multitasking glitch appears on all Pixel models that have access to Android 11, including Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 4, and even the newest Pixel 4a.

Some users manage to “fix” the failure by simply locking and unlocking their smartphone. However, such a solution is not enough for a long time. Apparently, the problem is quite common. It has been reported on resources like Reddit, the Pixel Community forums, and even the Android 11 Support forums.

It is noted that the problem is present not only in the stable release but was also noticeable in beta versions and even in developer previews. However, the Google team has yet to fix this glitch, although it has promised to do so in a “future release”.

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