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Huawei is working on a flexible smartphone

Network sources have revealed Huawei patent documents for a new smartphone equipped with a large flexible display. This time we are talking about the device, which structurally repeats the model Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2.

As you can see in the illustrations, Huawei is thinking about a device in a book format, the screen of which will fold inward. This design will protect the flexible panel from damage during daily wear.

An auxiliary display will be located on the outside of one of the body halves. In its upper left corner, there will be an oblong hole for the dual front camera.

At the rear, Huawei intends to install a multi-module camera that will combine four optical components with image sensors. It is also said about the presence of an asymmetrical USB Type-C port.

In the unfolded state, the user will receive a mini-tablet at his disposal. It should be noted that the flexible display will occupy almost the entire inner surface of the case. There are no cutouts or holes for this panel.

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear when Huawei can present a commercial version of the smartphone with the described design. Now the device exists only in patent documents.

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