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Meghan Markle suddenly appeared on the air of a popular American TV show

It seems that the appearance of 39-year-old Meghan Markle on television is becoming a tradition. Having obviously missed work on the camera during her life in a royal family, now the Duchess of Sussex makes up for a lost time.

Yesterday, the wife of Prince Harry suddenly appeared in the final of the show “America is looking for talents”. Meghan supported one of the contestants, who touched her more than others. As it turned out, she and Prince Harry watched the show from the very beginning and were imbued with the talent of the contestant, who is the namesake of their one-year-old son — his name is Archie Williams.

I wanted to say that we were very touched by your story, and we cheered for you every week. But not only because we are not indifferent to the name. So here is my special message to you, which I will probably say all my life, but this evening it is dedicated to you: Archie, we are proud of you and we are rooting for you, and we can't wait to see what you show,

— has noted the duchess.

59-year-old Archie Williams touched the couple not only with vocal talent but also with his strong life story. At the age of 22, he was wrongly convicted of aggravated rape and murder. After 12 years in prison, he asked the Innocence Project program to be acquitted. A few years later, he was acquitted after fingerprints of a serial maniac were found at the crime scene. He was released last spring after 36 years in prison.

I knew that I was innocent and I did not commit any crimes. But, being a poor black guy, I had no financial means to fight against the state of Louisiana,

— He told me at the show.

During the audition, Williams performed Elton John's song Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me very emotionally, which drove the judges to tears.

In the final, he sang the song of The Beatles Blackbird, which the judges also praised very highly.

I hear this song differently than ever before. As if The Beatles wrote it for you,

— said, Heidi Klum.

True, he did not manage to become the winner of the show.

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