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Users around the world complain about Netflix crashes

The popular streaming resource Netflix, which opened 10 TV shows and movies for free, was having connection problems. This was announced on Thursday, September 24, by the Downdetector service, which tracks popular Internet resources.

Users in the United States, Japan, and Mexico are the ones most complaining about problems. Also, information about failures comes from European countries, especially the citizens of Poland, the Netherlands, and the UK complain about problems. Some countries in Asia and the Middle East are also experiencing service disruptions.

According to users of the resource, the program most often displays the message “502 error”, which indicates that the problems did not occur on the site itself, but on the proxy server or hosting, sometimes on the DNS server.

According to the service, most of the users (46%) encounter problems connecting, 31% complain about problems with watching videos, another 22% have difficulties with the site.

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