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Epic Games, Spotify, and Tinder form 'coalition' against Apple

13 app companies have teamed up to force Apple to change the rules of its App Store.

As reported by The Washington Post, 13 companies are included in the Application Equity Coalition. These include Epic Games, which recently went into open conflict with Apple, streaming services Spotify and Deezer, and Match Group, which operates a number of popular dating services (including Tinder and OkCupid).

The coalition members are striving to change the principles by which software works in the iOS system. In particular — to weaken Apple's tight control over how mobile applications are installed on smartphones. This is currently only possible through the App Store.

The coalition website criticizes Apple for a 30% commission on all App Store payments, anti-competitive behavior, abuse of monopoly position.

“Together we will fight Apple’s monopoly control over the application ecosystem,” the coalition says.

It is not yet clear how exactly the participants in the merger will force Apple to change its policy. His website calls on “law enforcement, regulators and legislators around the world” to take note of the issues raised.

Journalists believe that Apple is unlikely to change the rules of its own free will — without court decisions or new laws.

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