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Huawei hopes that Qualcomm can supply processors for smartphones

Huawei Technologies' chairman of the board Guo Ping admitted at a partner event yesterday that in the middle of the month the company received the last batch of processors for smartphones manufactured by TSMC. Where to go next, Huawei has not yet decided but is already counting on Qualcomm's ability to resume shipments of its processors.

The relationship between Qualcomm and Huawei cannot be called smooth, since one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world has already expressed its dissatisfaction with the licensing policy of the American developer of mobile processors, which imposed a tribute on all market participants. Only the lazy didn't sue Qualcomm because of this, but the sanctions against Huawei forced the Chinese giant to take a fresh look at the longtime American partner.

In August, The Wall Street Journal reported that Qualcomm had applied for a license to supply components for Huawei Technologies. The American developer was haunted by the idea of a redistribution of the market, as a result of which the proceeds would go to Qualcomm's competitors. At yesterday's event, CNBC said, Chairman Guo Ping hoped that Qualcomm would receive a license that would allow it to resume shipments of processors for Huawei smartphones.

MediaTek does not yet have such a license, although, after the termination of the supply of HiSilicon processors, its products are the number one candidate for a place in Huawei smartphones. After receiving licenses by Intel and AMD, many sources started talking about the fact that it was easier for American market participants to coordinate such issues with the US authorities. In this sense, Qualcomm has an advantage over MediaTek, but so far the representatives of the American developer have not commented on this situation in any way.

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