Tesla announced a fully autonomous electric car for $25,000

The head of Tesla Elon Musk promised a lot of interesting things at the Tesla Battery Day events, and that's what happened. There is a lot of news, and here is one of the main ones: the company is working on an ultra-affordable electric vehicle.

In general, rumors about this car have been circulating for a long time, but they were mainly associated with the Chinese market. The local Tesla plant is gaining momentum, sales are growing, and expanding the model range with the most affordable model for the initially not very wealthy Asian region looks like a logical step. But judging by today's announcement (it took place at night), the car will receive a global registration. At a minimum, it will be sold in China and the United States.

As Elon Musk said during Battery Day: “Tesla will release a $25,000 competitive electric vehicle that will also be fully autonomous.” On the screen behind him, under a virtual white veil, is the very novelty. One can only guess about the exterior, but judging by the proportions, we will see something like a reduced copy of Model 3. That is, you should not count on a crossover for this money — there will be a liftback. Whether there will be the four-wheel drive is also a question, but if such an option is planned, then it will certainly go beyond the declared $25,000.

What else is known about this electric car, besides the fact that it will have a full autopilot? By and large, only the fact that the autonomy will be at least 320 km — Musk previously said that an electric car with less autonomy is meaningless.

Most importantly, Tesla is slated to launch its most affordable EV in 2023. This is due both to the production capacities, which will inevitably have to be expanded and to the need to organize the production of their own battery cells with increased energy density.

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