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The Nobel Prize will be presented in a new format

The Nobel Prize will be presented in a new format

The Nobel Committee also confirmed the cancellation of the traditional banquet in the city hall of the capital of Sweden but promised to hold a concert by pianist Igor Levit, accompanied by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic in Sweden, for the first time since 1944, the traditional Nobel Prize ceremony for chemistry, literature, medicine, physics, economics, scheduled for December 10, was canceled. This was announced on Tuesday, September 22 on the website of the organizers of the ceremony.

“The current circumstances of the ongoing pandemic mean this is a unique year in the history of the Nobel Prize, as the idea is that medals and diplomas are safely passed on to laureates in their countries through the laureate's embassies and universities,” the statement said.

As part of the new format, a television studio will be set up in Stockholm City Hall, to which only a limited number of people will have access. The winners, who will be asked to be in front of cameras at their universities or embassies, will be contacted online. It is assumed that this format will make it possible, among other things, not to refuse to read traditional lectures by the laureates.

It is clarified that the Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded in a similar way, but in this case, the ceremony will be held in one of the auditoriums of the University of Oslo, where a limited number of spectators will be admitted.

As noted by the executive director of the Nobel Committee Lars Heikensten, in the spring there were serious concerns that the ceremony would not be possible.

“It was not an easy decision to hold the awards in this format. But we must listen to scientists, be careful and take into account the requirements that are caused by the coronavirus pandemic,” Heikensten said.

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