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Johnson has prepared new penalties due to COVID-19

The UK will strengthen restrictive measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. First of all, we are talking about the prohibition of the work of bars, pubs, and restaurants after 22:00, as well as about reducing the allowed number of people who get together.

This was announced on September 22 by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to him, the current quarantine measures do not include a ban on leaving the house and allow schools and universities to work.

“The government will implement carefully considered new restrictions in England to achieve the maximum reduction in our rates (of the coronavirus infection) with the least damage to living conditions,” Johnson said.

In addition, he encouraged all office workers who can work from home to take advantage of this opportunity. The British prime minister also drew attention to the fact that from September 24, all pubs, bars, and restaurants should serve customers only at the tables, except for takeaway services.

Johnson also warned that the government will expand the requirement to wear face masks. It is now a must for retail store employees, all taxi and private vehicle users. As for catering establishments, there guests and employees are required to use masks while they are not yet sitting at the table.

Even tougher measures will take effect from 28 September. For example, the allowed number of guests at weddings should not exceed 15 people, and up to 30 people will be allowed at funeral ceremonies.

Johnson added that in the areas of tourism and trade, recommendations on measures to combat the coronavirus will become “legal obligations”, in case of violation of which a fine will be issued.

“These rules, these measures will only work if people adhere to them,” the British prime minister is convinced.

For their violation, according to him, the punishment is toughened. Thus, a fine of up to 10 thousand pounds is provided for those who were supposed to isolate themselves but did not. The same fine will apply to businesses that violate the regulations.

For violation of the rule of compulsory wearing of masks, the British will be fined up to ВЈ200 for the first violation.

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