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Intel volunteered to save Huawei

Intel has received a license from the US Department of Commerce to sell processors and other chips to Huawei. The latter is known to be under sanctions in the United States, and American companies are prohibited from cooperating with it without special approval from the country's authorities.

The issuance of such a license means that Huawei can continue to manufacture laptops. Now this company installs in its laptops mainly processors made by AMD, which are often superior in performance to Intel products, but at the same time are cheaper. Future models are likely to use both AMD and Intel processors. By the way, AMD also does not refuse to cooperate with Huawei. This company recently received a license to supply processors to Chinese manufacturers from the “blacklist” (which ones are not disclosed).

It is noteworthy that no indulgences have yet been made for Huawei's smartphone business. The company cannot license Android with Google services, nor can it purchase processors and other electronic components for mobile devices that use American technology.

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