LG invents a mobile computer with a foldable flexible display

The South Korean company LG, according to the resource LetsGoDigital, has patented a very curious device based on a flexible display. It is possible that in the foreseeable future such a gadget will be shown as a working prototype.

Information about the new product is published on the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). As you can see in the illustrations, we are talking about a mobile desktop device in a rectangular parallelepiped-shaped case. This gadget will be equipped with a retractable flexible screen.

Users will be able to interact with the panel using a special pen, for storage of which there is a compartment in the side. The screen can be pulled out either manually or in a motorized way — using special buttons.

The top panel of the case has a traditional strip-like screen. It will be able to display various information and information about the current status. In addition, a built-in camera for photo and video recording is mentioned.

There is no information about the purpose of the new item yet. Perhaps such an unusual gadget can become an alternative to a tablet or smart display. There is also the possibility that some kind of teaching device is being designed.

One way or another, but now the product exists only in patent documentation. LG's plans to bring it to the commercial market have not been announced

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