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In the US, a cop arrested for spying for Beijing

In the US, a cop arrested for spying for Beijing

The policeman, in particular, provided diplomats with access to closed events attended by New York City police officers.

In New York, police officer Baimadaji Angwang was detained on charges of passing classified information to employees of the Chinese Consulate-General. This was announced on Monday, September 21, by CNBC.

It is noted that the 33-year-old police officer, a native of the PRC who asked for asylum in the United States, conveyed information to diplomats about ethnic Tibetans living in the metropolis.

According to the FBI, for almost three years, the man reported to the employee of the Chinese consulate as a direct superior, maintaining constant communication with him.

In addition, the police officer provided diplomats with access to private events attended by the NYPD leadership. He also recruited new agents among the Tibetan society willing to work for the Chinese authorities.

Thus, the prosecutor's office charges a law enforcement officer with espionage, electronic fraud, providing false information, as well as obstruction of official proceedings. He faces up to 55 years in prison.

The 67-year-old ex-CIA officer reportedly spied on China. He passed on to Beijing data on the employees of the department, operations, and methods of concealing management messages.

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