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Venezuelan Foreign Ministry responded to US sanctions

The new restrictive measures will not in any way affect relations between Caracas and Tehran, the ministry said.

The Venezuelan authorities, in response to the US sanctions against President Nicolas Maduro, called Washington's international policy an aggressive campaign against the UN system. This was announced on Monday, September 21, in a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic.

“Venezuela announces to the entire world community about a new act of aggression by the US government, which without any reason announced unilateral sanctions against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro as part of his aggressive campaign against Iran, Venezuela and mainly against the entire UN multilateral system “, — indicated in the message.

Also, the Foreign Ministry noted that the new restrictive measures will not affect the relations between Caracas and Tehran in any way, and added that the United States again demonstrated non-recognition of the UN system and the Security Council in particular.

“The ruling elites in the United States do not at all respect the joint decisions necessary to preserve peace and international security,” the Foreign Ministry stressed.

We will remind, Washington imposed sanctions against Maduro and against the Iranian Ministry of Defense, six individuals and three companies associated with the Iranian nuclear program, due to arms deals between the two countries.

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