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China is preparing a sanctions list of American companies

China is preparing a sanctions list of American companies

The republic hopes for a restart of relations with the United States in the event of Joe Biden's victory in the presidential election.

The PRC government is compiling a list of American technology companies against which it intends to impose sanctions in response to Washington's restrictive measures against Beijing. On Monday, September 21, The Wall Street Journal reported.

It is noted that the republic's authorities have been working on this list since May 2019, when Huawei fell under US sanctions. At the same time, the Chinese government tried to avoid measures that would be more brutal than those taken by the United States.

However, according to the newspaper, work on the “black” list of China has accelerated recently and officials are deciding when it is best to publish it. Thus, some representatives of the republic's authorities believe that this should not be done before the election of the American president.

“Many in China hope for a reset in relations with the United States if presidential candidate Joseph Biden wins the election. From their point of view, the strategic rivalry between the two powers will continue, but there are areas where Beijing could interact with the Biden administration,” in the article.

We will remind you, the general elections in the United States will be held on November 3.

As reported, the last expansion of the list of sanctions against Chinese companies took place at the end of August — the Pentagon added 11 legal entities that operate in the States and are associated with Chinese military activities to the “black” list.

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