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Apple commented on the scandal with the Russian Crimea

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Apple will carefully study the system for designating disputed territories on its maps after the Weather service has designated Crimea as Russian territory. This was reported to Reuters by a spokeswoman for the corporation, Trudy Muller.

She explained that Apple has always indicated Crimea as Ukrainian outside Russia and made changes to the territory’s ownership only for Russian users. According to Muller, before deciding on the designations on its cards, the company considers international law and makes changes as required by law. “We are conducting an in-depth analysis of how we handle disputed boundaries in our services, and as a result, we can make changes in the future,” an Apple spokeswoman said.

The scandal surrounding Crimea’s ownership on the maps of the American corporation flared up after diplomats from Ukraine appealed to the US State Department with an appeal “to correct the incorrect designation”. Foreign Minister Vadim Priestayko compared Apple’s decision to “stealing ideas as the worst enemy, but someone doesn’t care.”

Crimea became the Russian region in March 2014 following a referendum. Its results were refused to be recognized by a number of countries, including Ukraine, the USA, members of the European Union and others. Moscow insists on compliance with the passed procedure with the norms of international law.

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