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Airbus has introduced three concepts of the “green” aircraft of the future

One of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers, Airbus, has unveiled three concepts of the aircraft of the future that will not emit carbon dioxide during the flight.

According to avianews.com, the company expects to implement the planned transition to hydrogen.

Two of the three aircraft of the future are similar to existing liners. One of them will run on jet engines and will be able to carry 120-200 passengers for 3700 km. Hydrogen in liquid form is supposed to be transported in a tail behind a partition that provides sealing of salon.

The second aircraft will be similar to existing regional turboprop airliners. Airbus assumes that this type of aircraft will be able to fly a distance of up to 1800 km and carry up to 100 passengers.

The third concept of the “flying wing” is new to civil aviation and is nowhere used for commercial transport. It is assumed that the entire fuselage will be a wing, which will house a cabin for 200 passengers and fuel tanks. Airbus emphasizes that this concept allows you to work out different layouts of the cabin and the location of fuel tanks.

These concepts will be the starting point for further research to create an aircraft that does not emit carbon dioxide. That is why the final version of the airliners if the project becomes a reality, may differ significantly from the concepts.

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