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WhatsApp will allow you to connect multiple devices to one account

According to internet sources, the developers of the popular messenger WhatsApp are planning to add a new feature that will allow users to connect up to four devices to one account.

We are talking about the “Connected Devices” function, which should be almost ready for launch and will be added to one of the next beta versions of the messenger. According to reports, after the launch of the new function, the “Paired devices” section will appear in the application settings, with which users will be able to connect up to four devices to one account. This means that after activating this feature, users will be able to send and receive messages from different devices without having to connect via a smartphone.

The source says that users will be able to sync message history, as well as read and delivery stamps. It is also noted that, if necessary, you can end the WhatsApp session on each of the connected devices individually. This means that this feature does not require a WhatsApp session to be constantly active on the user's smartphone. It is also known that when you activate the paired devices function, all current WhatsApp sessions will be automatically closed and the user will have to log in again on each device.

When exactly the developers plan to launch the new feature is still unknown. Most likely, at first, it will appear in one of the future beta versions of the messenger, and after the completion of the testing process, the function will become publicly available.

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