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Facebook spies on Instagram users

Facebook spies on Instagram users

Facebook has been sued for spying on users through the front camera of an iPhone. Thus, the social network allegedly uses cameras to collect data about users.

A federal court in San Francisco has taken into consideration a lawsuit against Facebook for spying on Instagram users. The lawsuit alleges that the front cameras of the iPhone were unauthorizedly used at a time when their owners were not using gadgets, writes Bloomberg.

In such illegal surveillance, users caught the company back in July 2020. Then a notification about a working camera appeared even at a time when users were just scrolling through the feed.

It is also claimed that the largest social network in the world collects the personal data of users in order to use it for market research.

The company, in its defense, said that the operation of the cameras is a system error and it has already been fixed. However, based on the September lawsuit, such a “bug” is still relevant.

Earlier, we wrote that the stars began to boycott Instagram and Facebook.

As a reminder, Facebook will collect data on climate change for users.

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