Facebook will exclude from the group's recommendations on health

Users will still be able to invite or search for friends in such communities.

Facebook has announced that it will eliminate health-related groups that disseminate misinformation or call for violence from community recommendations. This is due to work to reduce malicious content and misinformation on the social network. The company reported this in its official blog.

Facebook notes that groups, where health topics are discussed, can be useful, but it is crucial that people receive such information only from reliable sources. It is noted that users will still be able to invite friends to such communities or search for them.

To fight against fake and violent groups, Facebook will rank content and notify users that they encounter incorrect information, as well as block such pages.

Under the new rules, Facebook will also pay attention to the presence of an active administrator in different communities. Groups that have been without an administrator for a long time will be sent to the archive.

Administrators or moderators will not be able to create a new community for some time if their group has been previously removed for repeated violation of the social network rules.

Recall that they have been sued on Facebook for spying through smartphone cameras.

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