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For people with telephones, pedestrian traffic lights will be installed in the ground

Surely you have seen more than once people walking along the road who stare at their phones and do not see anything that is happening around. Recently, cases have become more frequent when people go out onto the road at a red traffic light, simply not seeing it. In the Australian state of New South Wales alone, 61 pedestrians died in similar circumstances in 2015. Tired of such incidents, the Australian authorities decided to conduct an experiment to improve road safety.

From December 2016, at key and crowded pedestrian crossings in Sydney, traffic lights will be installed not only in the usual vertical position but also right under the feet of passers-by under special protective glasses. As planned by the Australians, such horizontal traffic lights will attract the attention of even those pedestrians who only look down.

An amount of $250,000 has already been allocated for the re-equipment of pedestrian crossings, and if the experiment is successful, all city zebras will receive such traffic lights.

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